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March, 2015

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outside the lines 

abstract and Figurative work of

Jan Brown

Show Dates:       march 4-7, 2015

Opening Reception:  

friday march 6, 6-9 

mid-month RECEPTION:  

FRIDAY March 20, 6-9 

Gallery Hours are

Wed & Sat, noon to 5,

Thurs & Fri, noon to 9 PM

Samples of Member Artist artwork this month (come in to see the whole show!)

Barbara Eko Murphy

Mixed Media, Watercolor, Inks

Every month is a whole new exhibit from all member artists! Come in and check it out!

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Arnold Berkman


During the month of March Lawrence Street Gallery will showcase the work of Jan Brown.  For a few years Ms. Brown has worked almost exclusively with abstract painting in the nonrepresentational sense, but her love for the figure has called her to step “outside the lines” and bring the figure into the abstract.  This exhibition will show how she has begun to incorporate these two worlds.

HERE'S A SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE SHOW - partial images of the paintings, come in to see the whole show!

Resilience, mixed media

Seduction, acrylic